As a wedding photographer and having shot over hundred weddings in LA and OC areas, I have dealt with hundreds of brides and grooms and wedding coordinators who have brought up their questions and concerns to me. I have compiled a list of FAQs below to help answer some of these usual, but all very valid questions, relating to my services as a wedding photographer.

It all depends on the following...
  • Date: I need an exact date
  • Location: Los Angeles is huge and I need to know where the event will be exactly
  • Number of Hours: How many hours are you booking?
I ask all these questions because a June or July wedding does not cost the same as a December or January wedding. At the same time two hour wedding on a Saturday is way more expensive (hourly rate) then an 8 hour wedding on a Sunday. Therefore, I customize my prices to suit my client's needs and budget.
UNLIMITED: I don't count as I shoot. I constantly shoot. I capture everything I see. You'll get hudreds of good pictures. However, not every wedding is the same. For example a full day wedding with 150-250 guests and 12+ hours of wedding coverage will produce 1000+ pictures. A small intimate wedding with 40-60 guests will produce a lot less pictures.
I have done about 150+ Weddings as of today (when the site was last updated in 2017)
After I get my traditional shots done I start getting creative and then I start doing my photojournalism. People love how I capture emotions in a candid and photojournalistic style.
Quality, Quality, Quality, and of course my friendly, funny and relaxing attitude.
Most picture are very recent and some could be a few years old. Majority are my own images. However, there are images that were taken by some of my associates.
I use only Canon cameras, but my inventory of equipment has various brands of lenses, flashes and triggers. But overall I'm a Canon guy.
Absolutely, in fact I encourage brides to do so since this way I know what they are looking for, which helps me do my job better.
On a typical wedding day I wear slacks, dress shoes, and a dress shirt. For small events and photoshoots I am a bit more casual. However, YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME IN SHORTS AND/OR FLIP-FLOPS.
I don’t mind at all as long as they don’t get in my way constantly. I will tolerate it even if they cut me off once or twice. I’m very friendly with anybody who has a camera.
Absolutely, in fact I design the albums myself.

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